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Uh…I’m Sorry…What Was That Again?

So now that it is has been about 3 weeks since I had Baby J, I feel like I am starting to get the hang of things again, at least somewhat close to how I managed things before. I’ve been learning how to use the three hours  that Dukey is away at school (he only has half days, yeah, I know that sucks) to get things done such as laundry, playing with my toddler for at least an hour of that time, and preparing lunch for when Dukey gets back home. There are times when I can barely have 5 minutes to take a shower but, hey 2 minutes is better than none, right?

The only problem with this is that my mind is beginning to feel like it is on auto-pilot. I’m constantly feeding somebody (whether on a plate or with my boobs), cleaning somebody, or cleaning after somebody. By the time the two oldest kids are asleep and I only have to feed and change Baby J, I am exhausted and can barely think.

 I’m finding myself making the stupidest mistakes. I know it has something to do with REM sleep (you know, like when a child doesn’t get their nap they become overtired and have a hard time falling asleep). I mean, I had my share of crazy “oops” moments before Baby J (you know what I’m talking about…oh crap, I left the remote in the ‘frig) but now it’s like everything.

The other day I caught myself trying to put my 1 year old’s socks on! It took me a good two minutes to understand why I couldn’t fit them on my feet! Then, I emailed Dukey’s school bus supervisor to ask for a change in the bus stop since there was a stop that was closer to our house where they dropped off other kids that would work for us too and when I emailed HIM, I wrote “Hello Mrs. (fill in the blank)”. OOPS! I didn’t realize it until he sent an email back and answered my question. Thankfully, he didn’t mention it but I made sure to send an email back with the correct salutation.

I know that as Baby J gets older, things will get easier but for now, I hope people can look past my retardiness (not sure if that is a word but you get the point!).

I think maybe making and sticking to a schedule may help….another thing on my to-do list…

Just when I thought my life was already crazy…

So here goes…about a month ago, I noticed some signs and I started to “show” (yeah, I know, a day late and a dollar short). So my husband and my mother urged me to take a pregnancy test. I was kind of avoiding it because I have a habit of believing that if I ignore things it will go away. So anyway, I took two tests and like one second later it shows that I’m pregnant. At first, I felt like I hadn’t read pregnancy tests in so long so when I misread it and thought that it said negative, I was like heck yeah! Then, I looked back at the box and realized it was really positive so I screamed…really loud


***************So this was about a month ago.*********

Now, I go to the doctor’s office because when I scheduled the appointment they told me they didn’t have anything available until the next month. So on the appointment,  the doc says judging by my last menstrual (at least, the last one I remember. Come on don’t act like you don’t forget if those things don’t show up!) I will be due on July 31st. So I’m like what oh hecks no, that can’t be right! So he tells me to calm down and that by my measurements of my belly, I look to be about 16 weeks which gives me another month. Not much to go with but I’ll take it.

I was just freaked out learning this last month and now I feel thrown into the middle of a pregnancy and I literally have to rush to get everything together for this new addition. But, I have to say, I eased up when I got to hear that little heartbeat in my tummy! It was so magical! I’m still a little nervous though because I have been wondering how different life will be now with three kids instead of 2. So I’ve been reading all these different blogs to get a gist of the new life I will have as well as watching and observing other moms I see with three or more kids.

Actually, when my husband and I were at Taco Bell/KFC yesterday with our kids, we noticed a lady who was pregnant and with her 3 kids ages five, three, and one. I was so amazed at how calm she was and how quietly the kids sat there while she went to order the food. That is, until I saw the chaos that exploded after about 10 minutes of sitting there (yeah, it was pretty crowded in there). The two youngest who are both girls start screaming and fighting over something. Then, it quickly escalated and the one year old girl starts pulling the 3 year old girl’s hair and they’re getting louder and fighting. So then, I guess to tune them out, the oldest son starts singing really loud over them. To me, it was funny because I know how it can be with my two boys fighting all the time. The mom didn’t even seem the least bit surprised or even angry. She just came over smoothly and scooped up the 1 year old girl from her highchair and went back to ordering as if nothing happened. I was so amazed! I mean, don’t get me wrong I think I’m pretty good at handling a little heated debate between the boys but always get really embarrassed when it’s in public and I usually am like lost on what to do or something.

That really got me to thinking about how life is going to change with this new addition and how I need to prepare. So like I said, I’ve been looking at a lot of blogs to get a feel for it. Here are some I have been reading:

Being Miss Elaine-ous at the Miss Elaine-ous Life






Later I’ll post on what I’ve found and what I’ve learned. But, for now if you have any other blogs relevant to this situation that you’d like to mention feel free to post them as well as any tips you have for managing three under five and how I should prepare. Thanks a bunch in advance! See you next time!