I became a mother a month before my 18th birthday and it was the beginning of a new life for me. Many said that my life was over and in a way, they were right. I was no longer a young woman that could live her life and make mistakes as she pleased. My life became a testimony for other young moms and I strive to use it in a way that influences my children to make the best choices in life for themselves while fitting my roles of a Christian woman and wife.

I am a wife to the father of my first child and mother of 2 1/2 (one on the way). My kids are both boys, a five year old and a one year old that definitely make me feel like I am living in a jungle! I LOVE health and nature, I love to dance (but, no don’t ever ask me to do it seriously in public lol), and I LOVE LOVE music (country, r&b and soul, and gospel). Most of all I love my family and getting to know other moms who really love theirs too! I am still learning and growing (and I don’t see that ever changing :)). I enjoy life and all there is to offer in it and am determined to bask in the beauty of this world while believing that it is not too late to chase my dreams! So this blog is just a chronicle of that and the ups and downs life brings me! WELCOME and ENJOY!

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