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The Neverending Struggle of a Young Mother

February 27th of 2007 was the day I looked my first son in his eyes after birthing him. It was the best day of my life but also the day that would change my life forever in a way that was different from other first-time moms. The difference was I was a high school student in my senior year. Many people told me that my life was over and that I could never be anything despite my “smarts”. All the people who had confidence in my abilities due to my skills and drive to be successful, lost their belief in me the minute I became pregnant.

Being ostracized and pinpointed in that way made me believe what they were telling me. That I had ruined my life. That EVERYTHING, all the good that I had done in the past, was nothing now. That..I was NOTHING.

Now that I will have my third child in less than 10 weeks, many will look at me and say that I proved them right. I’m not “on the path to success” in their eyes. I don’t have several degrees. I don’t have a great career.

However, the difference is that I have something that no one, especially those that believe this, can take away from me. I have a drive to succeed and a determination to follow my dreams despite my obstacles. And for once, I DON’T believe what they have to say about us young mothers. I could go over my list of why I know I will be different and how I will beat the obstacles but…for what? I have no one to prove anything to but myself.

You may ask me why I am ranting on about the struggles of a young mother and I will tell you it is because I am just so sick of mothers putting each other down if they’re not EXACTLY the same as themselves.

“Oh, you’re just a young mother”. “Oh, you don’t feed your kids organic foods?” “Oh, you work all those hours away from your children?”  Where does it end?

Something tells me it won’t but that should never stop young mothers or anyone else from fighting for their dreams.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. Eleanor Roosevelt

I would love to hear your take on this…what do you think?