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Are We In A “Post-racial” Society?

Usually on this blog, I post about what is going on in my family, specifically, but today I feel compelled to do something a little different. Being a woman (and a mother) of color, I think it is important to address the matter of a post-racial society, especially with there being a black man as president and with racially suggestive pictures such as this being deemed as OK.

Lately, in the media, I have seen and heard many stories of racial and prejudiced incidents such as the lynching of chairs with “Nobama” written on it, the incident where a 14 year old black boy was hung with a noose by his (not-so) fellow white football players in Arkansas, and even the comments regarding the black boy who terrorized small babies in the daycare. The reason why I believe this is a serious issue to discuss is because it affects our generation and more importantly, our children’s generation, especially as African American parents. Usually, I try to stay away from talk about negative things such as this because I believe it gives more life to it, but in this case, I believe more harm is being done by not talking about it.

I don’t see racism becoming what it was years ago before us, young mothers, were born but it is not that far from it. With the last known lynching taken place only 14 years ago, some of us can see how racial undertones has not completely died. Granted, I do believe that it will take a while before racism is as blatantly obvious as it was decades ago but I pray that it never reaches that point or close to it.

What scares me is that it is even an issue at all. As a mother of three african american boys, I dread the thoughts of violence and drug influence on my sons as they grow and get older but to have an added threat of racism and discrimination, is beyond me.

This election is becoming more and more the most historically relevant political issue of our generation, which makes it crucial to get out there and vote. However, with all of this going on, something tells me that voting will not be the end of it regardless of who comes out in the end. And, that, is what scares me the most.

Tell me what you think? Do you believe that we are in a post-racial society or on the verge of being in one?