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Black Moms That Rock!!!

Sorry friends for my long intermission! Motherhood is so full of surprises and…HARD WORK! 

I have always been really passionate about what is going on the world and helping those in need. However, as a mom, it’s hard to balance the role of mom and being involved physically when there is barely enough time in the day to handle the home front. When watching TV and seeing women doing things especially noteworthy such as donating to cancer research, creating organizations for needy children, and volunteering to help the elderly, it’s so easy to judge yourself and feel as though you are not helping your community at all. At least, for me, I have this feeling all the time.  

Nonetheless, with three children and a house and husband to take care of, it’s not hard to see the role that I am playing at home and the contributions that I make toward our household. With making meals, helping with homework, potty training, changing diapers, wiping noses, teaching life lessons, and keeping the hubs happy, it’s hardly much time for myself, let alone conquering battles of the world.

So, in light of the nationally recognized youth enrichment program, Black Girls That Rock, I want to start a new movement where I recognize Black Moms That Rock. We may not be very well-known in the world but we make one of the biggest contributions possible, daily, and that is taking care of our little ones and being the first to light up their dreams and confidence to make future presidents, future models, future scientists, future doctors, and etc.

To Black Moms That Rock! BMTR! 

Don’t Judge Me!

While I was walking down the street, I happened to overhear two neighbors talking to each other about me. One was pointing towards my house and I heard, “The girl has three kids for God’s sakes! I mean, you have to think about these kinds of things!” The other one just nodded her head and agreed.

This conversation, of course, just, as my old teacher would have said…’burned my cheese’.

These ladies barely ever say two words to me and do not know me from a can of paint! I was just so annoyed at how people try to taint a good thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I get it. I’m young, I don’t drive, I don’t work outside the home,  and…I have THREE kids (which, is like a “full house” nowadays). Granted, my husband and I did not plan Baby J and had we thought about it beforehand, we would most likely have decided against it. But, in the end, we chose to keep him and accept the responsibility that comes with it. So to make that comment as if it is a precursor of what is to come in the future is so…stupid.

Everyone has SOMETHING that others can consider a downfall or deterrent but no one can decide what that will entail for YOU but YOU. This will not be the last time someone will judge me but it surely won’t be enough to hold me back and make me fight for my dreams.