Why trick? Why treat? Just Get Something Good to Eat!

One of the things I love the most about the fall is the cool breezy weather, the orange and red colored leaves falling slowly from the trees, and the misty days that practically beg you to cuddly up in your sheets with a nice cup of hot chocolate. The downfall to that is having to deal with the heavily celebrated halloween.

Halloween is, essentially, the mockery of a day in history where humans camofluaged themselves to avoid evil spirits. It is among one of the holidays that I try my best to keep my children away from because we are Christians and are against what Halloween represents. However, with Dukey being in kindergarten now, it is getting harder to shield him away from it since they do crafts and watch movies relating to Halloween. Not to mention, his friends and cousins beem about going trick or treating and eating candy on that day.

So I have been debating to myself how I should give him the best of both worlds by allowing him to enjoy the “festivities” without acknowledging Halloween.When I researched online and talked to people I know, I found a variety of suggestions as well as opinions on why Christians should or should not celebrate Halloween. The decision as to whether I want to celebrate it or not was never a question so the opinions of others on that was not a consideration. But, I did find some good suggestions as to how to find the balance with this day.

My plan for now and up to the actual day is to watch “scary” kids movies, eat (a few pieces of) candy, take my kids to “hallelujah night” at church and, more importantly, share some biblical scriptures and explain the meaning of Halloween.

When my mom was over one day this topic came up in conversation and she mentioned to me that she didn’t alow me to celebrate Halloween as a child, either. I had remembered going trick or treating in bits and pieces and couldn’t remember whether it was one time or not. She told me that I went once with my cousins when I was over their house and they took me. She also told me that that was her technque; to give me a small bag of candy and let me watch horror movies so that will be the tradition passed down.

So what are your thoughts? How do you “celebrate” Halloween with your children?


2 thoughts on “Why trick? Why treat? Just Get Something Good to Eat!

  1. That’s a good idea, too. I’m not too sure if that would work for me since I have sons though. I have to fight with Dukey to get dressed period, so I don’t think he would want to PLAY dress up lol. It would be much simpler for me that way.

    For me, the hardest thing to distract him from is the candy since we practically never give our kids that in our house so I figure I might as well let him have it for this one day of the year 😉

  2. We don’t really celebrate Halloween. We do allow our daughter to get dressed up, but Halloween can take on so many meanings for so many people. it used to be the last day of harvest for the fall. It’s could be considered the only time where our loved ones are “free” to roam around on the only day of the year (which makes sense a bit because Nov. 1st is all souls days).

    I’m not too keen on the scary movies, because that is not what I want Halloween to be about in my family. For now it’s just an innocent holiday where kids can dress up.

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