Are Daycares Really Safe?

Lately, I have been debating whether I should work part-time or something after my baby is born. It would be nice to have some expendable cash and have a reason to get some time out of the house regularly (not that I already don’t have a reason like getting some much-needed “mommy time” to keep me sane). However, the cost of daycare and wondering how safe it is really makes me think that I should look at other options.

Recently a video came to me on Facebook through something someone had shared and it really had me shaken that it could actually be possible in a childcare facility where there’s usually a lot of people so you would think your child would be protected from anything serious happening to them. Well, in this video I learned that that is not always the case.

In the video, a little boy probably about  seven or eight years old is violently attacking the children in the daycare, no more than 2 years old. By attacking I mean he is punching them in the face, kicking them, and biting them. Most times the adults are in the room but he stops and pretends nothing is happening so they seem to be oblivious to it. I guess they think the children just mysteriously begin to cry around him because they are…tired (I mean what else could it be?). After seeing this video, I am livid that this could happen and have so many questions:

  1. Why is the little boy there watching the children? Why isn’t he in school?
  2. Why is he alone with them long enough for anything to happen without an adult present?
  3. Does the parents know that he is there with their children?
  4. How in the world can the teachers/daycare providers not hear that he is doing something to them when they are in the room? I know I can always tell when my boys are fighting, even if I leave the room for a second.

More importantly than ever, I think this boy needs some serious counseling and this daycare needs to be shut down or replaced with responsible caretakers that are actually TAKING CARE of the children.

Share your thoughts and please share this video. Violence like this needs to be stopped!

UPDATE: I know this is a little late but I found the news video on this story: The daycare provider was arrested for neglect and it was being decided whether charges would be pressed on the child and his parents. Apparently, one of the parents of the little girl kept seeing her come home with a busted lip and he said he was told that no one knew where it came from.


3 thoughts on “Are Daycares Really Safe?

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  2. This is just scary and nuts. I don’t even know why he is left alone with the little kids. When I was younger, I came home from daycare with a black eye. The people working there couldn’t tell how I got it.

    I know that all day cares are not like this, but it’s scary just thinking that the one that you could pick could turn out like this.

    • That’s a horrible story of what happened to you as a child. I know it can be difficult for daycare providers to watch over several kids at a time. Shoot, sometimes I even find a new scratch on my sons here and there and can’t explain where it could have come from! But to take the gamble to allow something like that (or worse) to happen to my children really is scary and I’d just rather not.
      I agree that not all daycares are as bad as that one but it really is hard to decide which ones are since they can hide it so easily (especially with young children) and another thing I find is that the ones that are really good and stress safety are too expensive for the average family.

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