The Poopy Diaries

With the arrival of my new baby boy in about 6 weeks, I have been trying to potty train my 1 year old, Poopy. You’d think after potty training one boy, I would be able to do this one with no problem but that is definitely not the case this time around…

Every time I put my son on the potty, he gets up every 5 minutes and I have to keep putting him back on the potty. Then, when he finally gets the urge to pee, he stands up and just pees on the floor! I guess he figures he’s not supposed to pee on a chair so why would he be expected to pee on this little seat with a hole in it. I think I may have to seriously tie him to the chair to make sure he’s actually seated when he gets that urge.

(NOTE: IF you are eating or have a weak stomach, you may want to stop here…this part is definitely not for the faint of heart!)

If that’s not enough, he has begun to explore himself, if you know what I mean…SO, if he poops and he has his pull up on and I don’t catch it fast enough, he will literally play with the poop. Disgusting, I know. I seriously never heard or saw any other child do this before my children were born. I’m starting to think they may have inherited this from their daddy (my husband is no where near the dainty little princess in this house)!

What’s worse is he will play with the poop and smear it all over his playpen (which is usually where he is when he does it) and whatever else he is near. That includes my walls and my closet. (Trust me, I clean and sanitize it very thoroughly after so you don’t have to be nervous if you stop by my house ;))

It was a little funny the first time he did it, honestly, because it reminded me of that scene on Dumb and Dumberer where Bob Saget shouts, ‘There’s s*^$ everywhere! Dammit! There’s s&%$ on the windows! Look what he did! He s@%^ all over the walls’!

SO as you may be able to tell, my days have been very full and busy and I imagine it will continue to be for the next 6 weeks. (Which, is when it will most likely get worse) All I can do is continue to potty train him and hope my poopy menace will finally take that next step to kidhood!


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