What are we feeding our children?

No. Not that kind of food. I’m talking about the mental stimulation we are giving them to think and grow into the wonderful adults that God called them to be.

I was thinking about the way I parent and handle my children recently since my past teacher, Connie Grier came out with her first book called, The ABC’s of Mentoring: A Bi-Weekly Road Map for Uplifting Youth. In her book, she talks about the tendency for many people to equate gifts for the vital things that children need to stimulate their minds and give them the extra push they need to succeed.

This statement brought me back to my childhood and the way I grew up. My father, at the time, was not around very much so, for the most part, my mother raised me alone. Her tactic for when my brother and I did something wrong was to holler and give us spankings. Even though we knew she meant well, after a while, we became numb to it all and I think the message she was trying to send, was often lost.

Now that I am a mother, I try not to follow her methods but, regretfully, that doesn’t always work. After reading blogs by other moms and talking to other moms, I know I’m not the only one. (Here’s one for example: http://www.theyoungmommylife.com/2012/07/02/idontspankmychild-because/)

I strive to be a better parent but it doesn’t always work out that way. Time-outs, distraction, and talking to my sons doesn’t always seem to work. For me, I believe it is a lack of knowledge with how to actually execute different methods of parenting.

Researching and getting other tactics from moms like me would probably be the best bet for me in beginning to change that. Another thing is joining a mommy and me group, which I think is really beneficial for any mom.

What are some of your disciplining techniques and ways to steer your child in the right direction?


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