Pregnancy in the Summer

So every time someone asks me when my due date is (September 2), they automatically wish me luck on surviving a summer time pregnancy. I usually just shake my head and laugh it off (like I need another reminder of why pregnancy is not always happy happy joy joy). However, I got a good taste of how miserable it actually is the other day.

Me and my family recently moved (not too far from our old house) but somehow (I still can’t figure it out), we left our AC’s. So since we’ve moved here, all we’ve been using is a huge industrial fan from my sis-in-law. It was working wonders in my bedroom but not so much in the living room downstairs. It didn’t really bother me much though because if it got too hot, I would just come and bring it back upstairs to lay down and cool my body down (most times with the ceiling fan on as well, which, of course, left me and my husband freezing most nights but we still LOVED it!). However, the other day, the fan would just not work for anything so we were stuck to endure the “nice” summer heat.

Some people love the summer and can’t wait until that first sun breaks out at around 80 and above (weirdos, right?). Not me. I am a real green monster when it gets too hot. But now it’s even worse because I am 6 months pregnant with two children under five…(enough said right?).

My endless fatigue was at an all-time high. I could not get enough sleep. But, my kids were not trying to hear that. Duke could not stop asking me for something to drink every five minutes. So since we had just run out of water bottles in the fridge, I had to keep getting up and making a fresh cold glass for him so he could stay hydrated. Then, the little one just kept crying and crying for no reason, which is not really a normal thing for him. After a while, I was so miserable, I just ignored them both. I feel horrible now but I was seriously thinking how I could painlessly cut this baby out of me so I could at least drop a good 10 pounds and be a little less miserable. My husband after I guess realizing how miserable I was, just stepped in and let me get a minute to regroup myself before I snapped. So I just laid in bed looking up ways to stay cool (can’t wait to get that pool and some more fresh fruits in the house).

All I can say is…please keep me in your thoughts and pray that I’m able to get over these last few weeks. I said I was in no rush to have to deal with a newborn and my other 2 kids but ummm, I don’t think it’s any easier carrying a soon-to-be newborn in my uterus while parenting the other two either.

…To the short impending happiness I will feel after this baby is out of me (said while imagining sipping my fruity cocktail…)

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