Here I Go Again!

Hey friends! Sorry for the long intermission. Things have been so hectic running around trying to prepare for this new baby. I’m so obsessed with learning how my life will change with three kids and I recently found out the sex. Let me give you a hint…if you bought something for the baby (which would be really nice ;)) it should be in the color blue (at least in most families). Yes, IT’S A BOY! So my family will soon go from a family of 4 with two boys to a family of 5 with three boys. I don’t think it will be much of a difference…BUT I am still really excited!

I recently saw a commercial of three boys walking out of school together (I’m assuming they were brothers) and my heart melted because I already can’t wait to see my three boys spending time together as teenagers. Even now when I watch my oldest, 5 years old, and my youngest (for now), 16 months, laugh together and hug each other, I smile inside. Sorry if this makes me a horrible mom but in a weird way sometimes I even enjoy watching when they fight and argue. It kind of feels like you’re not family or even close friends unless you have disagreements and bicker sometimes !

With all of the excitement, it’s also very exhausting sometimes feeling like a huge elephant and having to chase around a one year old! It helps when my older son goes to head start for a few hours in the morning but still sometimes it feels like a real zoo in my house. This is us, “Poopy (that’s what I call him. In fact, I always nick name my children some variation of the stinky stuff that comes out of your butt! Gross, I know, but to me it’s so cute when they’re young…) get out of there. Poop, mommy said stop….Ok, I’m coming over there in 5 seconds. Five…four…three…two…(extra long pause because I really don’t feel like rolling to the side and holding something as I use every bit of my strength to get up)…one. Ok, here I come.” This is usually when he runs out of or away from wherever he is. This happens about every 5 minutes. However, it is much worst when my older son is home. More like this: “Hey you stop! Alright you two cut it out! AAaaatttt, no biting Poopy! Dukey just give it to him and play with something else please! Ok, forget it. How about we watch a movie guys?” It’s so funny because I never condoned too much TV before but with this pregnancy, I feel like it’s my only saving grace most times!

I know it will get better soon though and I can’t wait until the arrival of my new baby! If you’re a pregnant mom or mom that remembers the challenges of parenting while pregnant, feel free to comment and share!

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