Hello World!!!

Hello world!!! I posted once before but I realized I never formally introduced myself to the world so I wanted to take this moment to do that. SO let me tell you a little about me…I am a wife and mother of 2 1/2 (just found out I have one on the way). My kids are both boys, a five year old and a one year old who definitely give me ups and downs lol. I LOVE health and nature, I love to dance (but, no don’t ever ask me to do it seriously in public lol), and I LOVE LOVE music. I am still learning and growing (and I don’t see that ever changing 🙂 )  . For the moment, I partially work from home taking care of my financial company and scheduling appointments from home. There’s a lot more to say about me but you will definitely get to know more as I grow and as my blog grows 🙂 So cheers to my journey! So, I’ love to hear from you:

Here’s to WHY I’ve started: I’ve always been told by teachers/professors and family/friends about my writing but I never saw it as something I wanted to do in life. However, whenever I was really happy OR really down about something, I wrote or thought (or talked out loud in public, am I the only one? lol) to myself if I wasn’t physically able to write. So I realized it is obviously at the very least a strong hobby. But, as I began to read other blogs, I grew a love for blogging and bloggers  Here’s a little tribute to some of the blogs I’ve read in the past that inspired me to go for the gold:






And, one of my newest friends, Tara http://www.theyoungmommylife.com/

Please check them out!


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